【What’s up in UK No.6】

Day 1 I joined the coach tour and this tour consisted of 42 people .

The coach departed at 9:30 am and arrived at 10:30 am at the Burton on the water . About one hour drive took me to the Burton on the water where it is one of the most popular destination for the Japanese guests

Every participant of the tour was very friendly and convivial although they are elderly . On top of that coach driver was funny and cracked jokes during the trip . I think that the coach driver played an important role in deciding whether the coach tourists could enjoy the tour . We were very fortunate to have good coach driver .


We admired the rolling hills and stone villages of the Cotswolds

This was the second time to visit the Burton on the water and as soon as I arrived , I felt that the atmosphere of the place remained unaltered.

I went to the Cafe in order to have a sandwich. This cafe is family-owned restaurant and the family was working so hard to make the guest pleasant during the lunch.

The coach tour took us to the “Stow on the Wold” . It was the enchanting local town . I was walking the town and came across the small Japanese group there . So I plucked up my courage to speak with one of the Japanese group guests in Japanese, but he dismissed me as he did not open his mind to speak with me .
So I was determined that I had a cup of coffee at the Cafe

The coach returned to the hotel at 5:30 pm via Chipping Camden