[What’s up in UK No.10]春


I take the liberty of sending the E-mail

It is 12th April 2020 which is the Easter Sunday( Bank Holiday ) It is lovely day . The sun is shining under the blue sky this morning and the top temperature is expected to rise 20 degrees .

When I wasctaking a walk this morning , I saw a lot of the cherry tree which had been in full bloom since a few days ago . I feel that the spring has finally arrived here in U.K. after a long and harsh winter .

As you know , U.K. has been placed under the stringent lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I am not allowed to go outside with a view to containing the spread of the virus unless absolutely necessary . Frustration has been piled up day by day .

No one knows how long this lockdown will last as no MPs have discussed the exit strategy about the lockdown in the parliament. It is said that this  will have the significant impact on the economy .

I am praying that this lockdown will be lifted up soon

Please see the picture taken this morning

Yours sincerely


Kenji Kishimoto from London