What’s up in UK No.18


The autumn season is in its prime now I can see the fallen leaves in the street when I am walking the street in the daytime. This has heralded the arrival of autumn in U.K.

Winter time will start from tomorrow. So I have to put my clock one hour backward when I go to bed tonight .

The daytime will be getting shorter and shorter and it be heading for the winter solstice in December . Anyway I will be able to sleep another one extra tonight .

As far as I know , Lower House election will take place on 31st October 2021 . As this election plays an important role in rebuilding post pandemic Japan , I believe that it is necessary for every one to go to the polling station to cast his ballot tomorrow

I have already cast my ballot through the Embassy of Japan in London  .

Please see the pictures taken in the village where I live now

Fallen leaves :