【What’s up in UK No.5】

Breaking news from UK

I would like to break the news that Prince Harry had a boy early in the evening on 5th May 2019. The baby is a boy and both mum and baby are in good shape.

The newspaper mentioned as follows : “Harry is over the moon and the little thing is to die for. It had been the amazing moment that I have never experienced. The first glimpse which we can catch of will be in a couple of days when she is ready to pose for the photo.”

Ceremonial easel which informs us of the new baby was placed in the foreground of the Buckingham Palace on that day .

It was due to this news through TV that I made up my mind to go to the Buckingham Palace to see the easel and I went there the following day . But the easel was removed from the foreground .

I got the latest news . Megan and Harry announced that a new baby boy was named Archie Harrison Mountbatten -Windsor .

I took some pictures of the Buckingham Palace . So I would be grateful if if I could share the picture with you


Yours sincerely

Kenji Kishimoto

PS. to die for means excellent, to be strongly wished for.