[What’s up in UK No.14]Easter


It is in the middle of Easter. Everything is so calm and the weather in U.K. is gloomy . The top temperature is expected to increase to 12 degrees .


The Easter Holiday starts on 1 April and end on 6th April , 2021 .( Bank Holiday). It is the good opportunity for school children and their families to escape the county for a short break , but in 2021 things are different from normal way of spending the Easter period due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The below is feast for the Easter period .

As I am not a Church of England Christian believer, I can not spell out the details about the Christianity . All I know is as follows ; According to the New Testament of the Bible, the Easter takes place three days after the crucification of the Jesus by the Roman . He claims to be the sun of God ; Crucification of Jesus Christ is called Good Friday. I am sure that this explanation stands you in good stead to deepen the meaning of the Easter to a certain degree .

The number of cases and death tally have decreased dramatically in the U.K. as a result of the vaccine . I believe that U.K. is moving in the right direction of lifting the lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to issue the “ Covid Passport “ that is the certificate of having had the vaccine . This will be used in the pubs, restaurant , nightclub and cinema in order to reduce the spread the virus . This will be discussed in the Parliament next Monday whether it is appropriate to do so . I will wait and see how it pans out .


Kenji Kishimoto from London=