【What’s up in UK No.1】

Dear sirs 

I take the liberty of sending the information about London in order to get acquainted with the city of London as I was born and bred in Inami cho, but have lived in England.

Having stayed there in the month of February 2019 , I have returned to London safe and sound at the beginning of March and finally overcome the Jet lag.

I would like to take the opportunity to send the picture of “The Parliament “which is one of the most popular tourist spots among the travellers.

U.K. is expected to leave the European Union as of 29March 2019 and become independent from the Europe . So there are lots of debates about the Brexit which are taking place  every day,.But nothing has been finalised regarding the deal with the European Union .Brexit will have the huge influence on our life.

The Parliament is under refurbishment including the Ben.The Big Ben is covered with the scaffoldings . It is due to this reason that I have not taken a picture for the Big Ben. The only picture which I can forward is “The Parliament “

It would be nice if this picture could help you to gain the understanding of London 

Yours sincerely

Person living in U.K.