What’s up in UK No.16


The weather in U.K. is getting better now and it is the time to travel around inside U.K.

It is the shame that it is due to the coronavirus restriction that we find it difficult to travel the overseas holiday destinations such as Spain and Portugal etc . But there is no restrictions inside the U.K. now

I have been to Lewes where it is located in East Sussex . It is the county town and still retains the traditional atmosphere in the town. It is also the police and judicial centre for all Sussex


The landmark of the town is Lewes Castle , Lewes Priory , Bull House ( Thomas Pain is said to have lived in this house. He was emigrated to America and wrote the  revolutionary political book in America) and Priory etc .

It is the small county village and is worth visiting there . One hour ride by the train from Victoria station has took me to Brighten station and I have changed into the local bus . It took about 30 minutes to be there in Lewes .