[What’s up in UK No.12]NEW YEAR


I would like to extend New Year Greeting to you

National Lockdown has been declared across U.K. by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson in order to prevent the new variants of virus . The tougher new restrictions have been imposed on citizens of U.K. as the number of cases and death have been increased dramatically in recent month and the authority is out of control now .

People are forced to stay at home and work at home unless absolutely necessary. All the restaurants, pubs , gymnasium … just to name but a few , are closed and the shopping street is deserted. All schools are closed but the lessons at school are operated through the remote learning . All exams such as the university entrance exams are cancelled .

Having said that, however, the supermarket , drug store etc that are essential for living are opened now . We can buy the essential things such as food and medicine etc. at the supermarket and are advised not to buy the panic buying .

This restrictions will be kept under the constant reviews and last until the middle of February 2021

I hope that this national lockdown come to an end soon and people are able to be  at liberty to move around .

According to the media , Prime Minister Suga is on the brink of declaring the state of emergency to Tokyo and three adjoining prefectures as the number of cases has been increasing day by day .

I am not sure how the Hyogo prefecture is affected by the coronavirus. I can guess that Hyogo prefecture also is influenced by the coronavirus now ????

I am hoping that the year of 2021 will make you a successful and fulfilled one .


Please look after yourself


Kenji Kishimoto from London