What’s up in UK ~2024.No2~


I have been to the local pub in order to have the “ Sunday Best “ which is limited only to serve the food on Sunday.

I ordered the Roast Sirloin steak of Beef with a glass of white wine .

The food that I have ordered is a big volume of food as you can see below . After the food , I feel full in my stomach and have nothing to be desired for food .


It is a very nice weather with a lot of sunshine today . We do not have sunny day most of day . We must make the most of the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine , rather than staying at home and spend the day watching the TV

It is due to this reason that we have decided to hang about and enjoy the sunshine.

I make it my policy that I am always positive about the future and advance forward with the unwavering conviction that there will be a fine day as you know that the weather in U.K. is changeable at all times

Please see my picture taken at the local pub