【What’s up in UK No.2】

I make it my principle to wake up early in the morning and take a walk near my house in order to maintain good health and stay young at heart .  

I have encountered the small hotel calledThe Barn Hotel while I am walking in the morning.So  I decided to drop in at the hotel and have a breakfast  


The breakfast which I have had isEnglish Breakfast which consists of beans, scrambled egg, sausage, ham and mushroom with a jug of coffee and a glass of orange juice .


After I finished breakfast I have taken a walk in the garden of the hotel and took a picture of daffodils and cherry tree which shows the arrival of spring in U.K. The flowers are in full bloom in London.  


But the weather in London is 4 or 5 degrees in the morning and the temperature will rise to 14 or 15 degrees in the daytime .I noticed the big difference in the weather between the morning time and daytime . I have to prepare for the clothes for two seasons every day. I have to be very careful not to catch a cold .   

There is the Pub in the village calledCoach and Horse . People in the village goes to the pub and have drinks every day .  

There is a parish church which belongs to the Church of England  

It is generally believed that people in the village go to the church every Sunday to attend Sunday Service and after Sunday service people go to the pub in order to have Sunday Roast Beef.

But the realty is that young people do not go to the church on Sunday and are absorbed in  the computer at home .  

The summer time is expected to start from 31st  March 2019 . We have to put one hour foreword on the night of 30th March .  


Person living in U.K.